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Red Spitting Cobra

Naja Pallida


Naja PallidaNaja Pallida (Type A and B)

A small, active cobra (1.5 metres) living at low altitude (not coastal). Colour can vary from deep red, through honey to pale brown, usually with a dark "teardrop" marking under each eye and dark band on throat. When it stands the stomach is noticeably shiny, the "hood" not wide. Is more inclined to spit than bite. Has a dangerous tendency to join humans sleeping on the ground! Mostly nocturnal, sleeps in holes, under piles of branches etc.

Symptoms - In some northern areas it is not considered to be very deadly but can cause severe swelling and tissue damage as in Naja nigricollis. Antivenom does not specify this snake but the nigricollis antivenom appears to be effective.

Polyvalent antivenom treatment




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