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Red Carpet Viper

Echis pyramidum aliaborri


Echis pyramidum aliaborri - also known as the Red Saw-scaled Viper

A small viper of the drier (northern) regions. Dark brown markings on paler background, eyes prominent, head large, neck slender and rough skin. Where they occur they tend to be numerous and will be well known by the people. A quick-tempered snake which makes a loud hissing noise by moving so that its scales rub against each other, they reach out a long way to bite. Nocturnal snakes which hide under stones or logs during the day - a hazard to firewood gatherers so bites during the day probably on hands or feet. At night may bite someone sleeping on the ground, so possibly bites on the body. Generally not fatal in Kenya.

Symptoms - The bite will cause pain, some swelling. Test blood clotting time before considering antivenom. Look for possible renal problems later.

Polyvalent antivenom (Aventis) treatment






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