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Black-necked Spitting Cobra

Naja nigricollis


Naja nigricollisNaja nigricollis (Type A)

Secretive snakes that often live near humans. If so, they generally hunt at night and may enter house or animal pens. Brown body, usually with dark bands on throat, head blunt, neck same width as head. The famous cobra "hood" is only spread when the snake is displaying, not when moving around. Body quite thick. Can grow to 2.5 metres. Young ones may climb trees but generally on the ground, live in holes, termite mounds etc. Cobras try to hold and chew when biting so victim may show untidy punctures or tearing.

Symptons - Swelling can be massive with lots of tissue damage - will need much sophisticated aftercare. Children may appear drowsy.

Polyvalent antivenom treatment





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