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Black Mamba

Dendroaspis polylepis


Black MambaDendroaspis polylepis (Type A and B) 

Coastal colour is dark to pale grey above with nearly white stomach. Inland colour can be brownish to curry coloured, paler underneath, dark spots towards tail. Long head, dark eye, 'smiling' mouth clearly visible, can grow to over 3 metres. Usually a daytime snake but may hunt on moonlit nights. Generally lives in low bush if bush is thick. Otherwise may be found in trees in savannah areas or among rocks. May move on ground with head raised high. Victims sometimes describe that the snake "bites and then rears head back and away". 


Symptoms - Tingling skin, clammy cold sweat, ache in joints, especially jaws, pupils dilate, some swelling, patient becomes restless, ptosis etc. as Progressive Weakness Syndrome develops. Onset of symptoms can be very rapid.

Polyvalent antivenom treatment




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