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African Puff Adder

Bitis arietans arietans


African Puff Adder

Fat snake, black and grey markings on pale or yellow background, skin rough. Large head on thin neck, can grow over 1.5 metres. May make a loud hissing noise when disturbed. Generally nocturnal but a danger to people clearing land and may hide near or in houses or animal bomas, or lie on warm road edges in early evening. Bites usually on foot or lower leg (hands only if reaching to the ground). The victim will definately feel the bite happen as fangs are large and strike is powerful. Look for one or two puncture wounds which will show leaking blood and serum even before swelling.

Symptoms - Pupil reaction tends to slow down and patients tend to be quiet even though in pain. Progressive Swelling develops.

Polyvalent antivenom treatment





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