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Tiger Snake Rescue

Posted in Saving Snakes on Tuesday, 06 November 2012.

Local awareness of Saving Snakes

Tiger Snake Rescue

Tuesday 6th November 2012 - 1:05pm

While working on plans for the Snakebite Seminar (which is being held in Watamu this Saturday) we got a call from our Farm Foreman, Boniface reporting that a lady had called Bio-Ken to say that she had two snakes in her kitchen. Anna Karimi, who runs a small farm in Mijomboni, had recently visited Bio-Ken Snake Farm in Watamu and took note of our SAVING SNAKES initiative. She decided not to kill the snakes and rather called us to catch and remove them.

Kyle and I quickly jumped into the car and and went off, picking Boniface on the way. We met one of her workers on the road who then showed us to her house and on arrival we noticed the kitchen door was closed and had a rock holding it shut. When we opened the door we saw the two snakes, the first was a small male Eastern Tiger Snake (Telescopus semiannulatus) and the other was a larger female (also a Tiger Snake).

Kyle climbed up and got them down from the roof while Anna and two of her workers were very nervously looking in from the door. We talked to them about the snakes and explained that they were not dangerous and how important it is to try and save these snakes where possible. She even touched one but then asked us to kindly remove them from her farm.

After thanking them for calling us we left with the snakes which will be on display at Bio-Ken over this coming Snakebite Seminar weekend. They will be relocated into the wild next week. Well Done, Anna Karimi! Kenya needs more people to follow your example.

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