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Python Relocation Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Posted in Saving Snakes on Saturday, 10 August 2013.

Video of the Bio-Ken team saving a python and relocating it deep in the forest.

Python Relocation Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

This Coast Python was found close to a forestry station in April 2013, and would likely have been killed had the KWS not alerted Bio-Ken. Thankfully we were called to the scene, where we captured the python, and relocated it in a remote part of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

Relocating snakes such as this python from an area where they will likely come into conflict with humans is just part of the Saving Snakes initiative. Please follow us on social media and have a read of other blog posts in this section of our website to learn more about Saving Snakes.

Donations are always greatly appreciated, and sponsorship packages are available. For more information on how you can support the Saving Snakes initiative, please follow this link.

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