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Articles in Category: Saving Snakes

Saving Snakes is a Bio-Ken conservation initiative to save snakes from being killed.

Saving Snakes

Snakes are a vital part of our eco-system helping to keep vermin under control and reducing disease and crop destruction.

Bio-Ken offers a free 'remove a snake' service from the Watamu region.

We are looking to expand this conservation effort through education, awareness and sponsorship.

Bio-Ken Tour 2015

Posted in Bio-Ken News, Saving Snakes, Events on Thursday, 21 May 2015.

26th May to 5th June 2015

Bio-Ken Tour 2015

Bio-Ken Tour 2015 kicks off in a week today. Upcountry Kenya here we come with our live snakes in tow. So far 10 out of 16 days full up with a minimum of 2 talks a day! Voi, Mtito, Lewa, Nanyuki, Timau, Nairobi, Soysambu, Gilgil, Naivasha, Limuru here we come. SMS 0718 290 324 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info!

Final preparations are being made before our tour kicks off next week! Poster out, cages clean, snakes fed and venues booked. Royjan and Charlie in late night briefing and #‎MamaMary ready to go. All funds raised will go to #‎JAAT Here they come!

Reptile Release in Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Posted in Bio-Ken News, Saving Snakes on Friday, 03 January 2014.

Snakes and lizards released into the forest wilderness

Reptile Release in Arabuko Sokoke Forest

The New Year began on a positive note with a trip into the Arabuko Sokoke forest to release a 65 reptiles from Bio-Ken Snake Farm.

Thanks to to the Kenya Wildlife Service Warden of Arabuko Sokoke, who kindly agreed to Bio-Ken’s request to release the reptiles that had either been born at the farm, or had been relocated having been removed from various locations around Watamu and Malindi.

Python Relocation Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Posted in Saving Snakes on Saturday, 10 August 2013.

Video of the Bio-Ken team saving a python and relocating it deep in the forest.

Python Relocation Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

This Coast Python was found close to a forestry station in April 2013, and would likely have been killed had the KWS not alerted Bio-Ken. Thankfully we were called to the scene, where we captured the python, and relocated it in a remote part of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

Monitor Lizard Catch and Release

Posted in Saving Snakes on Saturday, 16 March 2013.

Savanna Monitor relocated to Galana River

Monitor Lizard Catch and Release

Bio-Ken offer a free 'remove-a-snake' service for people in Watamu and the surrounding area, which of course does extend to all manner of reptiles (including crocodiles!).

We recently received a call from Ute Goodwin, a Malindi resident, informing us that she had a Monitor Lizard in her house, and asking if we were able to remove it.

Green Mamba Relocation

Posted in Saving Snakes on Saturday, 10 November 2012.

Mamba removed from Watamu resident's garden

Green Mamba Relocation

A phone call from a local Watamu resident alerted the Bio-Ken 'Saving Snakes' team that a Green Mamba had been seen in a tree.

Royjan and Godana soon arrived to find a gathering of builders peering into a bush thicket.

The snake was indeed a green mamba, and the video below show the capture and removal of the snake.

Tiger Snake Rescue

Posted in Saving Snakes on Tuesday, 06 November 2012.

Local awareness of Saving Snakes

Tiger Snake Rescue

Tuesday 6th November 2012 - 1:05pm

While working on plans for the Snakebite Seminar (which is being held in Watamu this Saturday) we got a call from our Farm Foreman, Boniface reporting that a lady had called Bio-Ken to say that she had two snakes in her kitchen. Anna Karimi, who runs a small farm in Mijomboni, had recently visited Bio-Ken Snake Farm in Watamu and took note of our SAVING SNAKES initiative. She decided not to kill the snakes and rather called us to catch and remove them.

Needless killing of a harmless snake

Posted in Saving Snakes on Saturday, 06 October 2012.

Speckled Sand Snake is butchered in TV news clip

Needless killing of a harmless snake

A recent news clip aired on local Kenyan TV and uploaded to You Tube (shown below) shows a harmless Speckled Sand Snake being killed.

I can’t believe that in 2012 this is the situation on the ground in Kenya. A harmless snake (the Speckled Sand Snake Psammophis punctulatus) was butchered unnecessarily on TV. It wasn’t even in a house or compound…it was sitting up high in a tree and it was brought down and killed.

Python Capture Video

Posted in Saving Snakes on Tuesday, 02 October 2012.

Watch the Bio-Ken team in action capturing a python

Python Capture Video

Royjan Taylor and his team are called to Mida near Watamu where a Python recently killed a goat.

This video shows them capturing the python, and gives an insight into the work done for the Saving Snakes campaign.


Python capture near Gede

Posted in Saving Snakes on Saturday, 29 September 2012.

Bio-Ken called to remove Python after it ate a cat

Python capture near Gede

Yesterday, the Bio-Ken team received word at 6.30 pm that a large snake had just eaten a domestic cat at an Arabuko Sokoke ranger post near Gede.

Director, Royjan and Foreman Bonficace immediately made their way to Gede from Watamu where they were directed to some scrub behind the rangers accommodation building.