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Large Brown Spitting Cobra

Naja ashei


Naja asheiNaja ashei - previously named Naja nigricollis (Type B) 

A large , shiny cobra, may grow to over 2.5 metres. Generally black above with pale stomach blotched or freckled. Eyes large and dark, lips yellow or ivory colour with distinct black vertical markings and several clear black bands across the throat. Can stand very tall when threatened, the "hood" is long and narrow. Found in forest and woodlands and sometimes savannah but not at high altitude. A good swimmer which may eat fish. Can be encountered on the ground but in some areas (coastal forests) lives frequently in high tree holes. A fast-moving snake which may strike with mouth closed as a warning.

Symptoms - Bites not frequent, may be high on body. Progressive Weakness Syndrome develops.

Polyvalent antivenom treatment







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