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Kenya Small Scaled Mole Viper

Atractaspis microlepidota


Kenya Small Scaled Mole ViperAtractaspis microlepidota fallax - also known as the Kenya Small Scaled Burrowing Asp

A nocturnal snake but may be unearthed during farm work and can be driven to the surface by heavy rain. A short, dark snake with thick neck and small head so tail and head end can be confused. Eye very tiny. Lives mainly underground, bites almost always on foot or lowest part of leg but may come into earth-floored houses and can bite people sleeping on the ground. Bites with one fang at a time but might give several rapid bites. Bite marks small and hard to see.

Symptoms - Swelling usually limited to first major joint or limb or less but if a large specimen (less than 1 metre) bites a child, swelling may be more extensive and will require fluid replacement. Very painful, generally not much residual damage.




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