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Reptile Release in Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Posted in Bio-Ken News, Saving Snakes on Friday, 03 January 2014.

Snakes and lizards released into the forest wilderness

Reptile Release in Arabuko Sokoke Forest

The New Year began on a positive note with a trip into the Arabuko Sokoke forest to release a 65 reptiles from Bio-Ken Snake Farm.

Thanks to to the Kenya Wildlife Service Warden of Arabuko Sokoke, who kindly agreed to Bio-Ken’s request to release the reptiles that had either been born at the farm, or had been relocated having been removed from various locations around Watamu and Malindi.

The forest provides an ideal habitat for a variety of reptiles which included 49 juvenile Puff Adders that were born at Bio-Ken, 3 pythons, 3 Savannah Monitor Lizards, 3 Stripe-bellied Sand Snakes, and 9 Egg-eaters.

On the morning of the 3rd January 2014, Boni placed the reptiles that were to be released into a number of containers at Bio-Ken, before Royjan arrived with two young conservation enthusiasts to assist with the release, Joey Taylor and Tiva Moller.

After a short drive to the Arabuko Sokoke KWS headquarters near Gede, the team where met by two KWS rangers who escorted the team into the depths of the forest. A suitable location was chosen in the Mopane woodland, where all of the reptiles had a good chance of making the most of their release back into the wild.

Royjan, Tiva and Joey set to the task of releasing the numerous reptiles as the rangers looked on with keen interest. It only took 15 minutes or so to release all of the animals, which disappeared into the forest within seconds.

Many thanks to the Kenya Wildlife Service for their cooperation in planning the release and their assistance in the forest itself; thanks to their conservation awareness all of these reptiles have a great chance of survival in the wild, and giving the opportunity to future generations to see these species in the wild in years to come.

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