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Python capture near Gede

Posted in Saving Snakes on Saturday, 29 September 2012.

Bio-Ken called to remove Python after it ate a cat

Python capture near Gede

Yesterday, the Bio-Ken team received word at 6.30 pm that a large snake had just eaten a domestic cat at an Arabuko Sokoke ranger post near Gede.

Director, Royjan and Foreman, Bonifcace immediately made their way to Gede from Watamu where they were directed to some scrub behind the Arabuko Sokoke Forest rangers accommodation building.

Fearful onlookers included the wife and child of one of the rangers, who had seen the snake make off with a domestic cat. A small gathering had formed and with excitement and trepidation skeptically looked on as Royjan and Boniface set to the task of locating and capturing the snake, which had moved off into a bush thicket.

They soon spotted the snake, a medium sized python about 8 feet long. Approaching the bush from both sides, Royjan and Boniface calmly moved in on the snake, as they have done as a team countless times over many years, and within moments had the snake firmly in their grasp to the astonishment and relief of the local residents.

The python was swiftly placed inside a bag to keep stress to a minimum. A short briefing given by Royjan to the onlookers re-assured them that the snake would be taken back to Bio-Ken Snake Farm and released in due course to the bush well away from any habitation, to prey on indigenous animals in the wild, rather than doemstic animals in the inhabited fringes of the forest.

Congratulations and thanks were given by Royjan to the community who had the foresight to get word to the Bio-Ken team, rather than kill the snake which is now happily digesting it's last meal of domestic cat, having not re-gurgitated it do to an unstreessful capture.

Another succesful story in the Bio-Ken 'Saving Snakes' campaign, where a remarkable animal is saved from being killed due to increased awareness in the community and Bio-Ken's free snake capture service.

Updates to this story to follow in this blog shortly.

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