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Kenya Reptile Atlas

Posted in Bio-Ken News on Monday, 04 August 2014.

Steve Spawls and NMK announce atlas launch

Kenya Reptile Atlas

Steve Spawls and a team from the NMK have announced that their Kenya Reptile Atlas is available for download.  They were sponsored by the Rufford Foundation and received support from the National Museums of Kenya.  The atlas is available to download at  It is free for all, please spread the word!  

The authors say that currently the atlas is not complete, but the elapids, vipers and chameleons are there, and upcoming uploads include updated Kenya checklists and also the burrowing snakes.  The rest follows gradually, along with regular updates. 

Current downloads include:

Atlas Chameleons 1
Atlas Chameleons 2
Atlas Elapids 1
Atlas Elapids 2
Atlas Vipers 1
Atlas Vipers 2
Atlas Kenya's Common Reptiles
Know Your Reptiles: Kenya's Reptile Families
Know Your Reptiles: Some Unusual Reptiles
Some Sample Atlas Pages: What Will it Look Like?

Well done to Steve Spawls and his team for creating and sharing such an amazing and useful resource.

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