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Black Mamba bite survivor

Posted in Bio-Ken News, Snake-bite on Tuesday, 12 November 2013.

Thirteen year old boy makes speedy recovery after receivng anti-venom

Black Mamba bite survivor

A thirteen year old boy, Benjamin Menza, who was bitten by a Black Mamba at Jimba near Watamu on Sunday morning is now recovering well, and has left hospital.

He was bitten around 9am, and arrived at the snake farm at 10.30am in a very bad way, Sanda rushed him to Watamu Nursing Home, arriving by 10.45am, along with a number of vials of SAIMR Poly-V antivenom, where she met Royjan and Clare Taylor of Bio-Ken and Dr. Eugine Erulu.

At 10.50am he received his first vial of antivenom by slow push, and had a second one at 11am, also by slow push. Around 11.25 he received his third vial of anti-venom through a drip. The first positive response showing some improvement was around 11.35am.
At 11.50 he had a 4th vial of antivenom, also by drip. By 12.05pm he began to recognise his father, his response was much better, but he was still weak. By 12.20 he was stabilising. At 1pm he was moved to the ward, at 3pm he ate some porridge, and by 9.30 am the following morning he was sitting up in bed and wanting to go home.

This is an excellent outcome considering the severity of the condition he was in when he arrived at Bio-Ken Snake Farm. A number of factors contributed to the quick recovery of the patient.

 - Firstly, the fact that the family members bought him to the snake farm as quickly as they did gave us the opportunity to get him the right treatment in time. Had they delayed he would have died. The education programs of JAAT and Bio-Ken are vital to increase awareness amongst the community, and certianly proved their worth in this case.

 - Secondly, the immediate availability of enough of the correct antivenom was essential in saving this boys life, and the fact that JAAT provide this free of charge in such cases meant that there was no delay in administering the antivenom, and no question of the family not being able to afford the treatment.

 - Finally, the expertise and professional care given by Dr. Erulu and his medical team was vital in this extremely serious case, and the Watamu community are lucky to have such a team.

Bio-Ken and JAAT will be meeting with the community in the coming weeks to discuss the case, and wish Benjamin the very best after his traumatic experience.

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