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Snake Safari Testimonial

Posted in Snake Safari on Thursday, 18 November 2010.

Testimonial from a client on Bio-Ken's 'Day Snake Safari':

Snake Safari Testimonial

"Many thanks for the excellent experience during my recent stay in Watamu. From our initial email exchange to the end of the safari everything was remarkably smooth. I must say I was a bit nervous as we set out - I had never seen a snake in the wild before, not even a grass snake in the UK so the idea of meeting a puff adder was a bit daunting. However, we were really well looked after by Joseph and the team and with 6 of your experts always close by I never felt in danger - even when we actually found the puff adder!!

All in all it was a great experience - another ambition achieved !  I got some terrific close-up photographs of all the snakes (we also found a house snake and a link marked sand snake as well as a small monitor) - your staff are terrific,- even after Joseph pointed out the monitor in the tree I couldn't see it so how he spotted it in the first place I will never know.

Thanks again to all of you for making it such a great part of my holiday."

Duncan Payne

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